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BC Construction, a pioneer amongst construction and remodeling companies in Roanoke Virginia, specializing in
customization and Design, We allow the client to make the changes they require to suite their requirements and
BC Construction  is a small sized construction company, which is family owned and managed. BCConstruction has
been trading since 2008 and we pride ourselves on being able to utilize our resources to offer customers advanced
flexibility in building, especially in our residential property development projects.
Together with a team of professional and experienced Trades People, BC Construction  is a highly trusted
residential contractor  producing a quality product at a very affordable price, with great attention to detail to suit your
BC Construction  is fast becoming Roanoke’s most reliable and efficient building contractor and our dedication as a
leading quality builder will carry on letting us produce quality work well into the future.
To ensure satisfaction for our clients, BC Construction only uses the best quality materials from well known
The modern company
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