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Theater Room Build
This build started with a empty basement and turned into one very high end home theater. First the required
products were spec'd which was a 1080P Panasonic plasma which was picked due to the low light conditions
that were present in this design. B&W speakers were picked to supply the room with 9.1 surround sound at
Audiophile quality. To achieve theater shacking bass a SVS PB13 Ultra was used. The whole system is driven
by a Denon 4311CI amp that can run up to 3 different zones. A Sony 3d blu-ray player, PS3, Tivo and Boxee box
was added to give the customer every possible option for viewing media and listening to music. The whole
system is controlled via an IPad and the other zones can also be controlled with a IPhone or IPad whilst being
anywhere in the home. The whole system was hard wired to give fastest possible speeds to stream movies and
music online. The system is also connected to a PC in the Office so that it can act as a server to supply even
more content. The whole system is protected by a Belkin Pure AV PF60 pure filter surge protector. The whole
theater was then complemented with a 4 seat power recline seat setup.
The Hardware
The Build
After the products were received the build could start. First of all the basement was sealed with a sealer to stop
any damp getting through the walls, Framing was then setup to suit every speaker placement so that they were
all in the correct areas including the in wall speakers. Next the whole system was wired for Ethernet, HDMI, TV,
Speakers, SUB outlets, Power outlets, Outdoor speakers, Surge protectors, Cable, and lighting as well as
placement of AC vents. The whole room was insulated as this helped with sound deadening. Acoustic drywall
was fitted with sound suppression sealant and all in wall speaker enclosures were also sealed to reduce vibration
and increase sound quality. After all the finish carpentry had been done the carpet installers completed the room
and the equipment was installed, setup and tested.
The Finished product
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